Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I've Been Overruled

For years, I've been telling Sierra that she didn't need a cell phone. After all....

She doesn't go off by herself or with her friends to the mall, movies, etc.

She's homeschooled, and doesn't have 50 friends she needs to call or text.

She doesn't need to text message anyway because she has an e-mail account.

I know where she's at all the time, because she's either A) with me or B) with my mom who owns a cell phone.

However....this evening, I was overruled by Daddy. (What a nice Daddy...)

Here's the story: My mom decided to switch wireless plans, and is therefore no longer on ours. We all shared a whopping 500 minutes between the 3 of us for the past 2 years.

So, when she made her exodus from our carrier to another, we were left with an extra line that I planned on cancelling. But Dean decided (with a twinkle of daddy-pride in his eye) to give it to Sierra instead.

(Oh boy...)

I wasn't so sure about it, but figured it would be a nice treat. And I knew Sierra would be in 7th heaven over it. Not only that, but it would be good for her to have a phone on her...just in case my mom didn't answer hers (ahem!!!!!!!) and I wanted to get in touch with my children. NOW!

However, we didn't breathe a word of this to Sierra. We wanted it to be a total surprise. So after supper, we ventured over to the Verizon store, picked out a new phone (my mom's needed to be replaced anyway) and got it all set up.

After setting up her contacts, Dean called Sierra into the living room. He casually handed her the phone and started texting with her, back 'n forth.

She was having fun, just typing short messages to Dad. She is not used to that tiny keypad, nor did she know how to make a space in between each word. :o) Daddy helped her get the hang of it, though.

Around the fifth text, Daddy wrote: "How do you like your new phone?"

Her reply? "NO WAY! :O "

Dean and I looked over at her on the couch and grinned, "Yes way!"

My goodness, the hugs we got...Ha ha!

Girlie's got her own cell.

La tee dah!!!

Of course, there were some serious rules handed down with said phone like:

  • No calls to anyone outside your contacts--which only include Mom, Dad and Grandma.
  • Friends can be called using the house phone. Period.
  • You have texting, but only up to 250. And you're not getting any more.
  • No giving the phone to friends to dink around on.
  • No cell phone in the bedroom at night.
  • No downloading ring tones, games, etc.
  • Ringer is set to "obnoxiously high" and "vibrate" while you're away from your parents.
  • Violate any of the rules, you will LOSE the phone. Period.
  • Always remember that this is a privilege, not a right. Mom and Dad grew up without cell phones, and so can you.

I'm still in a wee bit in shock over having to add my daughter's name to my cell's contact list (sob!), but I'll get over it. Eventually.

Why do they have to grow up anyway??? (Sigh....) Of course, she's just as happy as can be....beaming with excitement as she eagerly experiments with all the snazzy features. (Not that snazzy, really. The thing was only $20 with tax. Ha!)

And of course, the first thing Ethan asked was, "When can Abby and I get a cell phone?"

"Uhh...when you're 12. Yup, 12. Just like Sierra."


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