Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm Not Sick

I'm not sick...

My head's pounding like a brass band's locked inside, but I'm not sick.

I'm not sick

I can barely hold a glass of water without sloshing it about due to the uncontrollable shaking, but I'm not sick.

I'm not sick

I haven't been able to hold down anything solid since yesterday afternoon, but I'm just fine.

I'm not sick

The thermometer says I have a fever of 101, but fevers are for sick people.

I can't be sick.

I have laundry, dishes and a bathroom to scrub.

I have children to nurse back to health because they're not sick, either.

I have a stack of new books to read by my bedside, but I can barely stay awake to read beyond the title page.

I'm not sick, but I had to miss the Seder at our church last night; something I'd been looking forward to all month.

I'm not sick...I'm not sick....

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