Monday, April 14, 2008

Pookie Rides a Bike

Another grand and glorious milestone...Abby learned how to ride a bike this weekend!

During our only warm and sunny day (after we tore down plastic tree houses), the children wanted to go on a bike ride. Only trouble was, Abby wasn't able to ride a bike yet.

When we finally decided to ride our bikes down to the pet food store around the corner, Abby became determined to learn to ride, once and for all.

And with that, we began the ancient ritual of teaching-your-child-to-balance-on-two-wheels.

She was skittish at first, and had a hard time keeping her handle bars steady. But despite her growing frustration, she kept right on going, never wanting to stop. (At one point she growled, "Cassie's going to STARVE to death before I learn how to ride a bike!")

But she did GREAT!!! Except for a eensy weensy bump into a neighbor's car, she didn't crash once. And I'm happy to report, she completed her Bike Riding 101 Class in less than an hour.

(Believe me, by then I was DYING from exhaustion. It was HOT, people...and my back was aching from hunching over, and I had cramps. So wahhh!)

Wooohooo, Pookie!!!

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