Monday, May 5, 2008

Awana Awards Ceremony

The Recruiting Mafia (Angela, Kelli, Rachel)

Another year of Awana has *flown by*, and this past Sunday was the official Awards Ceremony.

After Mr. Mike told me I was a total "party pooper" (when I refused to sing when he shoved the microphone under my nose), and had three of my friends try vigorously to recruit me back into my former role as Awana Leader (ahem...--Grins), the children received their awesome plaques, trophies and ribbons.

Let's just go oldest-to-youngest:

Sierra earned the highly prized, "Timothy" award for completing all 4 of the Truth & Training (grades 3-6) books. Now she's an official Awana graduate. (Boohoo!!!) But, on a happy note, Mr. Mike asked her if she'd like to come back next year and be a Leader-in-Training. She proudly said "Yes" even before he finished his sentence. (Heehee) Angela, my friend and former co-leader, immediately called "dibs". (You so totally ROCK, Bear!!!)

I can't wait to see her in my former Cubbie Bear shirt. (Snicker, snicker!) And I'm soooo getting pics of her doing the puppets--ha ha! Better brush up on your voices, Sierra. ;-)

Ethan earned his ribbon and certificate for completing his first T & T book this year. Woohoo! And to think he nearly didn't do it. Reading is a bit difficult for my boy, but he really busted his tail-feathers, and learned all the oodles of verses to finish one week before the deadline. Good job, Sunshine!! You rock!

Abby earned the handsome "Sparky" plaque for completing all 3 Sparks books (K-2nd). She's graduating up to T&T with Ethan next year, and is very excited to be one of the "big kids". And--I'm proud to add--she completed her book WAY ahead of schedule. Go-o-o....POOKIE!!! Yeah!

After the awards were handed out, the children and parents alike were treated to pizza and ice cream sundaes. (Yes, I packed Abby's lactaid.)

What an awesome day. I'm so proud of my little monkey-head-banana-faces!

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