Thursday, May 22, 2008

Feeling Nostalgic

The way they were; 2003

Whilst delving through some old family newsletters I'd written several years back, I came across some really cute things the children said/did that I just had to post here.

(I'd post the actual old newsletters, but I can't figure out how to do that yet with Blogger. I can only get the text to appear--not the pics. And do you have *any idea* how long it would take to find the actual pictures I used for these newsletters over the years???????)

*The following appeared in the May/June 2003 newsletter*

Funny Questions

Ethan asked 1. “Why are bluebells called bluebells if they don’t go ding-ding?”
2. “How can a person say they have a headache, but you can’t ever see it?”
3. “How come God made giraffes look so funny?”

Abby asked 1. “What color is a headache?”
2. “Can you call me Princess Sweetie Pie instead of just Sweetie Pie?”
3. “Is Ethan God?” (Mommy’s Reply, “No honey, only God is God.”) Abby’s reply? “Well how come he bosses me around all the time!?”

Funny Expressions


“Mommy, my leg sleeve is wet!”
“Mom, that walk we just went on exhausted me!” (Around the corner & back)
To Mom & Dad: “Whenever I talk to Papa Russ, I can feel him in my heart.”
Abby asked, “What does that mean, Ethan?”
Ethan: “(Sighing) Never mind, Abby. You’ll understand when you’re older.” (Hahaha!)

“My body is only hungry for sweet things.”
“That dress doesn’t match my nail polish.”
Abby said to Daddy: “I know what’s inside my head.”
Daddy: “Oh yeah? What’s that, Girlie?”
Abby: “Air!” (What makes this even more funny is that Dean has given Abby the nickname “Bubbles” due to her umm….perpetual air-headedness. Heehee!)

Around the House

Sierra figured out basic multiplication entirely on her own. This happened over lunch several weeks ago now.

I had made up a batch of macaroni & cheese (I know it’s gross, but the kids enjoy it) and told the children after the blessing, that they each had received 3 scoops. If they were still hungry, they could have a sandwich or an apple. Sierra looked very thoughtful for a moment then said. “Ok, we each got 3 scoops…and there are 3 of us kids. Hey! I know! 3 times 3 equals 9! You dished up 9 scoops! Wow…multiplication is easy!” She went on from there to do the entire 5, 10 and 2 times tables flawlessly before she remembered her lunch that was growing cold.

She has recently read all of the “Mary Poppins” books (after she watched the DVD that Grandma Deb bought her & fell in love with it. And yes, there is more than one Mary Poppins book.), and says things like, “Don’t be so cheeky!” now. (Gotta love that British slang.)

Her Nature Notebook is a source of pure joy. She loves collecting “samples” of nature or drawing pictures of her finds. Yesterday, the kids spotted a large dragonfly on the side of their plastic tree house, hungrily eyeballing a small neon green spider! Sierra dashed back into the house to grab her drawing pencil & notebook. She managed to sketch a little bit before it nabbed the spider & flew away. They couldn’t stop talking about it for hours!

Two weeks ago while at Uncle Henry’s house, Henry handed Sierra an old guitar for her to play around with. (On a previous visit, he loaned her a small speaker & microphone set for her to practice her singing with at home. Gee thanks, Henry!) Anyway David, Henry’s brother was up from CA visiting & he showed her how to play two guitar chords. Boy did her face light up after that! Now she wants to take guitar lessons! (As well as horseback riding, swimming, singing, and ice skating lessons.)

Ethan loves to draw stick people with large eyes & happy faces. If the person is of someone in his family, he’ll carefully place the first letter of their name at the top of the paper. J
His current outdoor pastime is using a paintbrush to clean off rocks, in hopes of finding dinosaur bones or jewels. This came about after we read a children’s book about archeologists & miners together. He thought that maybe he’d like to be a “dinosaur finder” when he grew up, but “I don’t want to get my pants all dirty”, he said.

Ethan is also keeping a small Nature Notebook. So far he’s taped a few leaves to the pages, but doesn’t care to draw anything yet.

Our little man is very good about remembering to say his prayers before bed.
They usually consist of him asking God to bring him good dreams & to help him be nice to Cassie.

Currently, Ethan carries around a Beanie Baby kitty everywhere he goes. Ethan pays close attention to what the little Kitty is doing, and corrects him as necessary.

For example, this morning Kitty was not using his very best manners when Ethan asked if he wanted to wear a hat. Kitty said, “Meow! Gimme it!” Then Ethan looked Kitty square in the eye & said, “Wissen Kitty…you hafta use yuh good mannuhs. Dat’s duh powite thing tuh do! Now say Yes pwease if you want duh hat on.”
Hahahaha! I couldn’t have done it better myself. What a good boy!

Abby has learned how to write Ethan’s name. One afternoon during school time, she asked me how to spell Ethan. After I showed her, she immediately copied it & grinned from ear to ear. J Ethan then patted her on the back & said, “Good job, Abby! What a smart girl you are!”

Abby doesn’t keep a Nature Notebook like the others, but instead she keeps rocks. Lots of rocks… small rocks & big rocks. All over her room! She’s also been known to keep a leaf collection, too. Leaves at least don’t damage the vacuum cleaner or hurt when you step on them like all those little rocks do! (Ugh!)

Recently, Abby has started asking to take ballet lessons. Can’t you just imagine how cute she’d be in a pair of pink ballet slippers & tights? I don’t know when she’ll actually start taking formal lessons, but I’ve started teaching her a little bit here ‘n there. She loves it!!! She may take lessons in the fall. I’ll let you know if she does.


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