Sunday, May 11, 2008


Check out all my fabulous, absolutely *beautiful* Mother's Day presents! (Heehee)

From Amanda, Lisamarie and family, I received a cute PINK dance bag (reads: iDance--Created to Worship Yah), one of the most beautiful roses I've ever seen, a bottle of Pepsi (gone), and 3 packages of Reese's (various varieties--also gone).

From my mother, an enticing chocolate heart cake (soon to be gone).

And from my wonderful husband and children; several cards (some handmade, one courtesy of Hallmark), the new book by John Eldredge "Walking With God" (which technically I already own for FREE in PDF format--a special gift for the author's ministry supporters--but reading on the computer like that drives me nuts).

And last but not least, my most cherished gift: a lovely frame with the word "MOM" filled in with my children's photos.'s good to be Queen. ;o)

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