Monday, May 5, 2008

Yellow Belts

Ok, so I'm waaay late with getting these pics up (ahem). But anyhooo.....

Sierra and Ethan scored their first colored belts in taekwondo--yellow. Aren't they snazzy? ;o)

They got a nifty yellow star that I (still) have to sew on their uniforms (and if I'm consistent, they'll still be there waiting in like a month; kinda like their Awana patches...ahem....), as well as a really cool certificate from the World Taekwondo Federation. Most of it's written in Korean, but I can at least make out their names and birth dates. Ha!

And, according to Mr. Lee, earning said belts automatically enters them into a national database with all the other belt ranks, as the W.T.F. is a huge whoop-dee-doo, and we should feel very proud of the fact that they're a part of it. (I do...)

Now, as long as they don't get any nutty ideas and try to totally kick my butt before too long, I'll be fine! ;o)

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