Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

Tumbling down the hill at Gasworks Park

Checking out the view on top of Sun Dial Hill (at least, that's what I call it. And yes there's a sundial up on top. Wish Dean had taken a pic of it, actually. Oh well.)

Dean always looks better than me...(that sucks)

You sooo don't need dessert.

Trolls on the Troll

"Look! I made an angel out of sand!"

Sorry, kids. The Moore Theatre is closed today.


This past Daddy's Day, we decided to do something different (ie. fun). We headed to Seattle for a day of sight-seeing and hanging out as a family. ;o)

We had a wonderful time visiting Pike Place market (only saw one fish fly; bummer), walking around downtown--checking out all the freaks (hee hee), cruising Fremont, introducing the kids to the Troll under the bridge (locals know exactly what I'm talking about, and others will soon learn via the pics), messing around Gasworks Park, and eating an early supper at The Cheesecake Factory.

And in between all that, I pointed out the Moore Hotel/Theatre where I used to live briefly back in '95. Dean decided it'd be cool to just waltz on in, so we did.

Up to the 6th floor we went, and walked past my old room. The cleaning ladies were up there, and although my old room wasn't open, the one next door was. So the kids peeked inside and got a taste of how their mother used to live. (Ha ha!)

I must admit, it felt REALLY strange being there though, after 13+ years. Things had changed somewhat, but it was the memories that kept me feeling so off-center. It really is amazing how far God can bring a person....Ahem! Moving on!

Dean said it was the best Father's day he's ever had, and I know it was one that neither he or the children will soon forget. :o) I really enjoy Seattle, especially when we can just walk around like that. If it were financially possible, I'd like to live there again. This time in a house!

And now...for your viewing pleasure...Sierra, the Dizzy Bear.

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