Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Frog and Other Words That Start With "F" (But don't sound anything like frog)

Alison...sweet, little 2 year old Alison, is an adorable little sprite. (Truly one of my top 5 favorite girlies of all time.) She's a smart little thing, and loves to learn new words. Especially the names of animals.

One of her newest animals/words is "frog". She'll even pop out a little "ribbit ribbit" for you, if you ask her just right. :o)

Only trouble is, "frog" doesn't sound like frog. It sounds an *awful lot* like another F word--in fact, the Queen Mother of All F Words--when she says it.


Knowing this, I've been trying to get her to say "froggie" instead. And that works. After she says "F---".

Last week, I had to pick up some Father's Day cards at Hallmark. A quick walk to the store always makes the children perk up, so off we went.

While we were there, just cruising around with the double stroller, Alison belts out "F---! F---!!!" All the little old ladies STARE in horror at this seemingly cursing, single-piggy-tail wearing little toddler.

And I...about...died!

"Oh yes, frooogIEEEE. Hi Froggie! Say hi to the toy froggIE Alison! What a sweet girl." (Insert nervous laugh here)

"F---!! F---!!!"

I honestly paid and left in record time that day. And of course, my kids were laughing. Hard.

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