Monday, June 9, 2008

Ghastly Beasties

I am bunny-hoppin' mad! Wanna know why? (I mean *besides* a raging case of PMS.)

My son--my precious, adorable, one-and-only son--told me that every time he tries to make a friend on, the potential pal says "NO". And what's more, is that upon asking him to think about playing more on a different site, one that he's more familiar with (Millsberry, Neopets, Toon Town), he replied that he gets the SAME treatment on all of them as well!


He said, "It's true, Mommy. Every single time I ask someone to be my friend on Toon Town, they say "No" or "Go away, you suck. And on Neopets, people say they'll be my friend, but then they send me gifts of piles of dung."

Excuse me?????

So I ask you...where oh where are these brats--I mean, children's--parents? Why aren't they monitoring their behaviour online??? And what gives these little beasties the perceived right to talk to another child--especially MY child--that way?????

HUMPH!!!! :o{

I feel awful for him. Absolutely awful.

So, if any of you sweet ladies reading this have any suggestions for a good website where Ethan can make friends with other NICE boys his own age, I'm open to suggestions.

(Nathan? Jordan?)

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