Saturday, June 21, 2008

Her First Bouquet

Here's my little ballerina with her first bouquet of roses. Doesn't she look thrilled?!

We received a knock on the door, and once I put the dog away (ahem), I was greeted by a man carrying this beautiful vase of pink roses saying, "Hello! I have a special delivery for Abby."

I gasped, fighting back tears of joy and yelled, "Abbbbyyyyyyy!!! Come here, Girlie!"

She came running out, and gasped and stared in amazement.

"These are for you, Sweetie. Have a good day!" the delivery man said, handing her the large vase.

I quickly signed for them, still fighting back the Mommy Tears. (Ahem)

A quick reading of the card revealed they were from Grandma Deb and Papa Russ. (Thanks, guys!!!!!!!)

What a beautiful way to start the morning.....

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