Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Am Not an Animal

Yesterday, whilst chatting with my beloved baby sister, I had to briefly pause in my conversation to scold a child.

My sister began to LAUGH, and said "Oh, wait! That's right! You're on the rag. No wonder you're so uptight! I'm the one who flips out over stupid kiddie crap, and now here you are! Ha ha ha! How's it feel to be on the Dark Side of the Force?"

Can you believe her?!

But I admit, I had a good laugh, too. I'm usually pretty patient with the kids, but during that time o' month, my eyeballs twitch at the slighted provocation. And I grow fangs. And fur.


Later that day, I was caught in the act--by my child--sneaking spoonfuls of delicious, melty fudge sauce. "Officer Child" then had the nerve to ask for some as well. Here is my response...

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