Saturday, June 7, 2008


I am: a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, Auntie Extraordinare, former aspiring ballerina, wannabe writer, bookworm and girly-girl

I think: way too much (according to my husband)

I know: I'm not nearly as smart as I could be

I want: health, peace, safety and salvation for my family and friends

I have: all that I've ever wanted (except a little dog)

I wish: I could make my husband's pain go away

I hate: feeling helpless, death, being sick, being yelled at, a dirty house, being told what to do, spiders/bugs, confrontation, and getting a zit

I miss: my sister, nephews, and family members who've passed away

I fear: losing my children and husband--through death or any other circumstance.

I feel: my fat cells expanding with each bite of this blueberry bagel...

I hear: voices in my head (just kidding)

I smell: Febreeze

I crave: contentment and confidence

I search: for answers amidst struggle and pain

I wonder: why death has touched my life so often

I regret: giving up ballet and having my tubes tied

I love: my husband, children, family and friends

I ache: to hold another baby of my own

I care: about the homeless

I always: try to be perfect

I am not: very trusting

I believe: in God, and that He has a special plan for each of my children

I sing: nursery rhymes and lullabies to the babies, and "real" songs when I clean

I dance: less than I want to, out of fear of not being perfect

I cry: very easily

I don't always: feel like working out

I fight: procrastination, selfishness and the urge to give up

I write: because it's my release

I never: let Dean see me without makeup

I listen: unless I'm angry; then I shut down

I need: to lose 10 lbs before August 27th

I am happy: when I'm surrounded by my husband, children and friends

So if you read this consider yourself tagged!!!

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