Friday, June 20, 2008

Insane Kind of Day

There's so much going on today, it's pathetic.

To begin, this will be the twins' last offical day here 'til August. Then they'll only be here for 6 days out of the entire month, then I won't see them again 'til Sept. 8th. :o{

I'll go nuts missing them both. They're absolutely wonderful and adorable; they make my world so much brighter. (Sigh)

At least I still have Kelvin. He makes me happy, too. :o)

My precious hubby, Dean left around 6:30am this morning for Eugene Oregon. He's off to see RatDog in concert....again....for like the bizillionth year in a row. (Lame, lame, lame...) Leaving me all alone, to fend for myself amidst all this chaos.

And does he care? No.

And because I feel incredibly sorry for myself in this regard, I've decided to eat my way to a diabetic coma by dawn. I'm armed with a box of Ding Dongs and a box of powdered, raspberry filled Hostess donuts. And yes, I am fully aware how that will really set my "CA SlimDown" back several notches, but I don't care.

So there.


Moving on!

Later this afternoon, Sierra and Ethan have taekwondo from 4-4:45pm.

But Abby has dress rehearsal for tomorrow's recital at 4:45pm. (Blink...blink...blink)

So, since I don't drive and I can't be in two places at once, my sweet friend, Amanda's coming to pick us up at 3:45pm. From there, we drop S. and E. off at class, then head down to the theatre. My mom will then pick up S and E when she gets off work, and take them back to her place for their usual "Friday's with Grandma".

During rehearsal, Abby will also be getting her picture taken--individually and with the rest of her dance class. I have to make sure both her hair and make up are perfect, and try to order the cheapest package available.

This is also the only time we can film or take pics of our own, as it's not allowed during the actual recital tomorrow night. (UGH!!) So Amanda and I will split filming/picture snapping duties. (Heehee)

Then, when it's all over, we'll head back home where Amanda will drop me off. Then my mom will come BACK over to p/u Abby....who wants to spend part of Friday with Granny, too. The kids will then be gone 'til 9:30-10pm.

Once she returns home, I have to WASH all the GUNK out of Abby's hair (hair spray, gel...basically super-gluing her hair down for the rehearsal). That oughta be fun, huh?

Good times, good times.

And hopefully we'll all be in bed by 11pm.

Then tomorrow, while Dean's still snoozing away in some hotel in Oregon, I'll be getting the children up for Sierra's belt testing at taekwondo!!! (She's going for her green belt this time. Woohoo!!)

And since it's right around the corner, the walk won't be bad at all.

The only bummer is that we'll miss church. Hopefully there won't be too many kids so they can stay in the service.

Then if Dean knows what's good for him, he should be home in plenty of time for Abby's FIRST recital that night.

So, provided I don't forget anything crucial--like say, Abby's costume, recital tickets, or my keys--I'll be ok.

I seriously need more chai.

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