Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Little Cheese and Whine

Things that make me happy today:
  • It's sunny, which means I can take the children for a walk later without hearing a round of complaints.
  • I got an amazing workout in yesterday, and I'm not sore from it today
  • Rachel's coming to spend the night (for two nights)
  • I got some nifty books from the library
  • The Spiderwick Chronicles is coming in today from Netflix
  • Lisamarie has her ultrasound today (me bets it's a girlie in her oven!)

Things that bug me today:

  • I have an enormous zit from my "Dean's off at a concert pity party" this past weekend. Gross.
  • The house is a mess and I just don't feeeeel like cleaning today
  • I have more bills than money.
  • I don't have any German chocolate cake.
  • And if I did have cake, it would give me another zit. That sucks.

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