Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Milestone and Dilemma

On July 11th, Dean and I will be celebrating a whopper of a milestone; our 10th wedding anniversary!!!!

I personally think I deserve Dean deserves a medal for putting up with him me for so long.

*Insert cat-who-ate-the-canary-grin here*

But herein lies my dilemma....what do you get/do for your 10th anniversary?

Years ago, we said we wanted to renew our vows and have our Pastor David preside over the event. But is that socially acceptable at the 10 year mark? Or is that best reserved for say, the 20 year? Or 50????

Then of course, what do you BUY your spouse of 10 years as a gift? I'm horrible at shopping for Dean. You'd think after spending more time with him than any other adult (aside from my parents and sister), I'd be good at it.

But noooo!

So, please. Gimme your thoughts and suggestions.

PS: I think Kelvin just fell asleep on me....yup. He did. (Awwww........!!!)

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