Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Overdoing it, Losing it, and Snickering at it

So, Father's Day is fast approaching. And instead of just buying a basically useless-hardly-any-thought-put-into-it gift for all the Daddy's in our lives, I decided to put together more DVDs of the kids' pics.

Not a bad idea, in itself. Just when the program you use drives you bonkers when it freezes and locks up every other mouse-click, and generally takes WAY longer than necessary...then it becomes a bad idea. And even though my sweet hubby got a new program for me to use--one that is simpler, and has superior mouse-click-obedience, I don't know how to use it.

And being that I'm a full fledged creature of habit, I'm too stubborn to even attempt anything new. I'm bound 'n determined to MAKE Windows Movie maker to WORK.

For me.

Right now.

But let me procrastinate some more by avoiding the subject completely in favor of another.

Earlier today, I plowed through the kitchen cupboards and re-organized everything.

I threw out gobs of left over candy ("Why do you still have partially eaten Easter candy from Grandma?"), old spices that got knocked to the back of the cupboard (which I keep above the stove and I can barely reach that high--so that's why I didn't know they were back there. Shush.), and sorted out the monstrous medicine cupboard. (And that's only because Dean's always dropping something out of it with his ginormous man-hands, whereas my dainty fingertips can reach in between the various bottles.)

This tornado-sweep came as a direct result of finding this magazine online:

Honestly, it could've easily been co-written by Dean, Tiffani, Amanda, Lisamarie and their mother, Sylvia. And knowing Dean, if he did co-write it, he'd tuck a copy of it under my pillow as a direct hint. ;o)

Seeing this magazine gave me a good chuckle. I mean, it had to happen sometime, I suppose. It just surprised me that there was this magazine showing you how to organize, when most org junkies THROW OUT their old magazines due to clutter.


However, I digress.

Now, I admit I'm not the most organized person in the world. That's Dean's forte`. Clearly. And what I consider organized, he views as a mess. (Take my bookmarks on the computer. I have them categorized and sub-categorized in folders by topic. I thought it was a charmed system...'til he said, "I don't know. I guess I just can't deal with anything that unorganized." Fine.)

But in my defense, I do keep a daily list and can't function without it. I'm not to the "color code your family members" status, but I do know where things are. Usually. Roughly.

When I organize, stuff's usually getting thrown away. That's how I do it. Simple, fast and efficient. (And not for the faint of heart or sentimentally attached. Like Dean. And the kids. Except Ethan. He's like me.)

My forte` is cleaning. And not "Gee, the maid's been here" clean, but clean as in "Sure, you can use the bathroom. Just don't eat off the floor."

Together we make a pretty good team. We balance each other out, as I often say.

Kinda like his photography bug and my scrapbooking/DVD making bug. Perfect fit.

Where was I going with this anyway...? I forgot. Oh well.

For those of you who are more of the Organizational Camp, these are two nifty blogs/sites I actually like:



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