Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bits 'n Pieces

1. Anyone remember that old TV show, "Solid Gold"? With those funky Solid Gold Dancers? Ha ha! I was thinking about that show today. Not sure why. I used to watch it when I was a kid. Couldn't tell you how old...maybe 6-ish? Under 9, definitely. And I wanted to be a Solid Gold Dancer when I grew up. My mom said "No". Weird.

"...Solid Gold...something-something-something...With Marilyn McCoo...and the Solid Gold Dancers!" I know there were a few other hosts, but I can only recall Marilyn McCoo. Perhaps because that name sounded sooooo darn funny to me as a kid.

2. Peanut butter M&M's sound scrumptious right about now. Hmm....

3. "It's raining, it's day's sure to be boring."  It's been pouring down rain since last night. Complete with hefty doses of thunder and lightning. Very cool indeed! I'm glad the power didn't go out. That would've sucked. I hate resetting the clocks. But on a lighter note, "It's a good day for ducklings!" I like ducklings. And calling my children by said animal.

4. We're going to all look like *drowned* ducklings later on, as I have to walk Sierra and Abby (Ethan has to go with, too) over to their friend's Deborah and Sophia's house today at noon for a playdate. I sure do hope it ain't rainin' when we's hafta be a walkin'! Cuz that would irk me. And them.

5. I worked out this morning (Cardio Sculpt--55 mins), but felt too tired/exhausted/worn out to finish it. So I stopped at 40 mins into it. Whatawimp. But in my defense, I have PMS. And another 15 mins might've caused certain death to the TV as I threw a weight at the perfectly fit, perky brunette encouraging me to do "just one more set!"

6. My children are all up 'n giggling. They must've slept through all the crashing, booming thunder last night. And of course, they're making toaster waffles for breakfast. (Like they need the syrup, right?)

7. "Hum deedle-dee-dee! An actor's life for me!" What's that line from, anyway? Oh, riiiight! Pinocchio, of course. Duh!

8. I still want peanut butter M&M's...Oh, Tiffani....!!!!!

9. My sister and her family are moving into a dump of a house in two weeks (her words). She said it's old,  needs a lot of work, and reeks of cat pee. Nice. (Ummm, why are you moving again, Sis?????)

10. I don't know why I just broadcast that on my blog. Oh well.

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