Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I So Want This Bag!

Have any of you ladies seen this thing? A completely compartmentalized purse, called The Butler Bag!?

Honestly, if was say...3/4 of the price it is, I'd so get one. In like a year. On Ebay. For even less than that.

But really, I think the idea is sheer genius!

No more digging down deep into the recesses of one's purse for the elusive lipgloss, or the one dime you KNOW you saw in there yesterday...but were too lazy to put into the change compartment of your wallet.

(Not that I do that sort of thing...)

But as a footnote: I suppose one could simply put some plastic compartment tray into one's already-owned purse. A cheap, easy, and completely faux alternative. Hmm.....

I feel a trip to Storables coming on!

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