Friday, July 18, 2008

My Mood Doth Ridest on a Pendulum

So, as I previously mentioned, I received my first swapped book in yesterday's mail. I cannot begin to explain the utter joy and delight that enveloped me in a blissful, literary cloud.

I pink-puffy-heart books.
Anyway, I dove into this new bite of scrumptious chic-lit yesterday afternoon, and to my horror---I finished the entire book this evening.
(Deep, deep sigh)
But! Hope 'twas not completely lost as--hark!--In the distance, the mail truck arrived, delivering free book number 2!
O, joyous rapture hath enveloped my waning soul once again! For now I have another silly novel to entertain my peanut-butter-'n-jelly-brain for another 24 blissful hours...
(If that...)
I truly need help.

And in answer to your question, I've only had ONE measly cup of chai today, thankyouverymuch. And I had to walk all the way to 7-11 to fetch it.

For $1.51.

In flip flops.

While pushing a stroller.

During that time of the month...

With children begging for Slurpees...

And having to then wait in a loooong line to pay....

Only to make it 15 steps out the door and spill some of that chai, as I moronically tried to balance the hot paper cup in my hand whilst pushing an umbrella stroller, cursing the fact that I was "one of those women" who really should've opted for the stroller with a cup holder....!

Did I mention I got a new book today????  Ahh...I love books. :o)

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