Monday, July 28, 2008

My, What Big Eyes You Have!

When I get angry, this is how I look. Big, huge, ginormous eyeballs. Weird, huh? But oh-so true. The madder I get, the bigger my eyeballs.


Not sure where I've inherited this odd, opthamological quirk from, but my sister's got it, too. Poor girl. And her hubby thinks it's sooooo darn funny when she gets super-ticked and her eyes go all saucer-like.


Dean laughs hysterically whenever I get mad, and says he often has to look away and stifle his giggles whenever I'm scolding the children.

All because my eyes get all HUGE and BULBOUS.

Like the monkey-thing above.

Or a pug dog.

I'm not happy.

But at least you can tell my eyes are hazel during those moments. Most of the time, people think they're brown.

(That's it, Bug-Monkey...think postive...)

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