Saturday, August 30, 2008

Live from San Diego!

Most of the gang

Grandma Lyndy and Paul
View from patio/deck
Partial view of the kitchen
Fancy pants!
Oooh la la! A grandfather clock.
Grandma Lyndy and Paul's room.
Master bathroom--aka Russ and Deb's
Master bath...different side.
And of course, the kids already in the pool.
Love the goggles, Pookie.
Our bedroom
The children's bedroom. Already messy.
Heading downstairs
Russ and Deb's bedroom
Living room
Deck/outdoor dining area
Our bathroom that we're sharing w/ the children.
View from the pool.

I'm going to try to get some pics of the outside of the house later. But here's a good taste of what we're experiencing right now.

Everything looks beautiful, and if you don't count the termites that greeted Dyon and Randy in their upstairs bedroom (gulp!--they were however soon killed/cleaned up by a maintenance man), or the fact that the volume on the TV is kinda weird, and the A/C doesn't seem to do *anything* upstairs in the living room/kitchen/dining area, then it's perfect. ;o)

And really, it is. A few minor issues are to be expected wherever you go, but it is a beautiful house and I'm sure we're going to have fun for the next week.

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