Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vacation Countdown Begins

So, we're leaving next week for our every-two-years-trip/vacation to California. As always, we'll be spending time with Dean's family, and our children will remind them of how tired they can make a group of adults in no time flat. :o)

This year's trip takes us not only to Topanga, but to San Diego as well. The children are very excited as the S.D. leg of our trip contains both a pool and an amusement park. (Ooh la la)

But as usual, our vacation plans bring on much stress and careful planning by yours truly.

If I wasn't such a hyper-list-making freak, I'd probably go crazy(ier).

I didn't make a packing list for our clothes last time, so I ended up forgetting to pack my husband's underwear. (*Ahem*)

But I'm determined that this year will be different. I shall pack carefully and leave absolutely nothing behind. (Can't you just hear "Hail to the Chief" playing softly in the background? And see a banner blowing softly in the breeze behind me?)

So today, I began writing out my stack o' lists including;
  • detailed packing lists for each person (complete outfits, etc)
  • things to remember to do (like print airline confirmation codes)
  • things to clean (the fridge, dump garbage night before)
  • things to buy (sunscreen)
  • and notes to leave for my Mom (dog feeding details, etc)
Crazy? Yes.

Going to change any time soon? No.

Because for me, if even one thing goes wrong---KERPLOWEE!!! My whole trip's shot.

It's stupid, I know. But the truth, nonetheless.

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