Friday, August 29, 2008

Vacation--Days 1 and 2

Day One--Leaving and Arriving

Riding in the Shuttle van, on the way to the airport at 7:15am.

Waiting to board and already bored.
2.5 hrs later...Welcome to Los Angeles. (Note the smog!)
Ethan and Papa Russ, on the way to rent the minivan for us.
So, which room does everyone want to sleep in?
Dean and Dyon...aren't they cute?!
Swimming in Papa Russ' 105 degree hot tub, in 90 degree weather. (Yeah, real smart.)

Ending the long day by snuggling and watching Abby's ballet recital DVD.

Day Two--Visiting with Grandma Donna

Dean and his mom, Donna at Ontario Mills Mall.

Clowning around at The Rainforest Cafe` and store.

My little man's dream come true...The Lego Store! The girls enjoyed it, too.

Sierra's creation.
Too bad we don't have one of these babies at Alderwood Mall!

The cutest mannequins the Starbucks Outlet has ever seen!

Ditto for the Samsonite Store.

After spending over 6 hours at the mall, it was time to say goodbye. Poor Dean did not want to leave his Mommy...(Sigh)

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