Thursday, August 7, 2008


Ok, so I'm thinking my body's gone all cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs on me.

Yesterday afternoon, shortly after our return home from our daily walk to Albertsons, the top of my right foot felt all tickly in one spot. Kinda like I had something on it--like maybe a bug or a piece of dog hair or something.

But there was nothing.

Dismissing it as no more than another odd-fluke in my genetic code, I went about my day.

But then slowly, the tops of both feet--including the tips of my toes--felt like they were asleep. I mean really, how weird is it to have only the top portion near your toes--and toes--fall asleep while you're moving about??

But again, I chalked it up to a fluky oddity.

A few hours later, my right index finger started hurting, like I'd sprained it somehow. But I hadn't done anything!

Later that evening, whilst conversing with my hubby as he worked on a client's computer, I felt my index finger throb. Looking down I realized it was slightly puffy.

Dean looks at it and announces that he can't see any difference between the left or right fingers. (!?!?) could he NOT see that my right finger was larger than normal is BEYOND me.

(Later he said he could see a *slight* difference...humph...)

So then, we started talking about how awful Comcast's tech support is, blah, blah, blah...when my right arm FELL ASLEEP!

I was just standing there talking and BAM! Tingly prickles all down my arm.

Ten minutes later, my lips went to sleep.

I must have a fried neuron or fizzled a synapse connection or something......or perhaps it's just sympathy pains for all of Dean's pinched nerves.

Like I said; weird.

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