Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beginning "A World of Adventure" and a Prize Abby Moment

We had a good first day w/ the new curriculum, "A World of Adventure" from Learning Adventures.

We began by reading Gen. 37 (Joseph) and discussing it. (Pretty neat discussion, actually.)

Then we ate our snack "Egyptian style". Fresh fruit at a low table, crouched down, using only your fingertips to eat with. We then dipped our fingertips into bowls of water to wash. (By doing this, we discovered we really enjoyed the modern-day paper towels much better!)

We took turns reading and looking through the stack of books about Egypt and deserts we got from the library. Then during our vocabularly lesson, we learned that "chronos" means "time", so we placed the events of Genesis 37 in "chronogical" order.

Then, we finished things off by playing a round of the board game that came with it. ;o]

They actually did pretty well, considering the questions covered everything in the Egypt Unit (99% of which we haven't got to yet). But since they're in multiple choice format, I gave them 2 chances to get it right. Because I'm nice like that.

And during the game...Abby--oh my goodness. One of her questions was:

"There are several different types of soil in the desert. These include desert pavement, salt, desert varnish, desert cement, and living soil. Which one looks like a cobbled street?"

A. Salt

B. Desert Pavement

C. Living soil

She was clearly lost, so I broke the question down to:

"Which one looks like a street? Salt, desert pavement, or living soil?"

This is how things progressed from there.

Abby: "Soil can't be living!"

Sierra: "Yes, it can!"

Me: "Ok, enough. Let's not confuse things further, Sierra. Abby, which one makes sense? Salt, pavement or soil? Think about the street outside."

Abby: Staring at me with a befuddled expression.

Me: "What's another name for street?"

Abby: "Uhhhh.... Cement?"

(Sierra and Ethan: giggling)

(Abby now giggling)

Me: "Yes, you're right. But think about the question a bit more. Which one of these things looks like a "street"? Does salt look like a street? Does dirt? Does pavement...?" (Honestly, I was practically giving it away.)

Abby: "Pavement? What the heck is pavement? I don't know what pavement means!"

Me: (Blink...blink...blink)

(Sierra and Ethan: burst out laughing)

Me: "Uh, Abby? (trying very hard not to laugh, but failing miserably) Honey, I can't break it down any further, because then I'll just end up giving it to you straight out." (I'm feeling an odd, pounding sensation creep into my skull.)

Sierra: (Laughing) "And if you don't get this right, I'm going to eat you!"

Abby: "No, you're not!" (Laughing even more)

Me: "C'mon, Abby...which one do you choose?"

Abby: "Uhhh....soil?" (sheepishly)

(Sierra and Ethan: ROARING with laughter now. Me? I'm just staring at my child. In shock.)

Abby: "No, wait...uh....pavement?"

Me/Sierra/Ethan: "YES!!!!"

Abby: "Yeah, I got it right! I get to move ahead! Oh yeah...Oh yeah..." (Moves pawn around game board, doing a happy-head-bob.

Dear Lord, give me strength.....


Rachel said...

Funny! What a fun day for school! I love days like this.

Pink Slippers said...

sounds like a wonderfully fun first day! I hope you have many more with your new curriculum!!


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