Friday, September 5, 2008

Camera Dumping (er, I mean "assorted pics")

Dining out at Froggy's in Topanga

Always in the pool

Going to the Zoo

Meerkats are so freakin' cute!

The zoo's skylift--not so cute. But up we went anyway. (Gulp!)

The Children's Museum

The ultimate pillow fight room!
Painting a car!

Shadow Monkeys

Visiting the Birch Aquarium

Getting chomped by a shark

Lots of dining out. :o)

Group shot wearing our matching shirts

The shirts read: "Mom and Paul's Big Birthday Bash by the Bay! Russ, Deb, Dyon, Randy, Lynne, Paul, Dean, Denise, Sierra, Ethan, Abby, Holly and Radar" Complete with orange octopus-like sunshine in the middle.

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Anonymous said...

Fun, fun, fun!


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