Monday, September 22, 2008

The Early Bird Gets Eaten

I woke up feeling terribly stiff this morning. I can't even touch my chin to my chest, or stretch my arms without wincing. Oh well. Must've slept wrong.

I've got so much organizing and cleaning scheduled for today, it's not funny. The kids are going to be so mad when they wake up! Ha! :o)

My list of things to deep-clean and organize grows the more I glance about the house. But they're things that have to be done at least once a month anyway, like the oven. And behind the fridge. Gross. And being that it's September in Washington, it's time to weed out the closets of summer clothes, and figure out who-needs-what for fall/winter. Hopefully, no one grew too much. (Yeah, right...)

Oh, and guess what? I've been selected for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Focus Group! Hooray! (Remember those reviews and contest I posted awhile back? That was basically my "audition", and praise God, I made it! Woohoo!)

Product reviews are tentatively scheduled to begin in October. I can hardly wait! This is such a great opportunity to try out new homeschool products, improve my writing and polish my communication skills. I'm so excited!

You know what else I find interesting? How the birds outside my window can be so chirpy at 7:30 in the morning. I can barely talk before my morning cup of chai's finished, and they're all "Tweet! Tweety-tweet tweeeeet!" Isn't that incredible?

My, how chipper and pleasant they sound. I hope the neighbor's cats eat 'em they find lots of worms.

Speaking of birdies, I'm now on Twitter. Not too sure why I'm on Twitter, aside from the fact that everyone-else-is-doing-it and I'm-a-total-follower. But the more I play with it, the more it may become vital to my existence. Kinda like Facebook. We'll see!

Well, it's time to wipe the oven down. Always a joy. Hopefully the Easy-Off will live up to it's name.

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Sheri said...

Hey fellow mate! stopping by to say hi and let ya know I am excited too! Yeah! We made it. I wonder what we will be reviewing? It is like Christmas in October! Blessings, and look forward to working with you.
Sheri (aka: 1 of 100)


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