Thursday, September 25, 2008

Got Cramps?

So, I woke up feeling oh-so marvelous. A heavy dose of "Aren't you glad you're a woman?" pain greeted me as I lumbered out of bed.

And yes, I know that technically speaking, it's too early for such events. (I said goodbye to Aunt Flo last Thursday). But I have endometriosis. And therefore, all bets are off.

When my traitorous body feels like gracing me with throbbing, "kicked by a wild donkey" pain and such massive bloating that it makes strangers ask when I'm due, it does it. No questions asked.

And so, I shall give my cellulite a day of reprieve and forego my workout, in exchange for a hot cup of tea, a heating pad cranked to 3rd-degree-burn, and a stack of already-read books.

Hopefully, you didn't come by my blog for some stimulating conversation. If you did, I'm sorry. Please come back tomorrow.


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