Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ho Dee Hum...

I woke up feeling less-than-able to teach Shabbat school this morning. My head's all stuffy, and my stomach was doing several somersaults with nausea.


It's that time of year again, folks. "O, cold and flu season! How I've missed thee!" (NOT!)

Dean's been hard at work since 7am (it's 5pm now). He's not feeling so hot, either. (Different issues entirely.) But he's so hard working, that sickness or pain rarely keeps him home in bed. (Unlike his whiny baby of a wife.) He'll have to work again tomorrow, too.

He now has what amounts to 3 jobs. One full-time, one part-time, and side jobs (computer repair). :o(   I'm also looking for work. Anyone hear of anything, please let me know.

My children are off at my mom's for the day. They usually head over on Fridays, but we've recently switched to Saturdays as it's easier on everyone's schedules.

Tomorrow we start back at Awana. Sierra's going to be a Cubbies leader-in-training this year. :o) She's looking forward to it. And Abby will join Ethan in T&T this year.

Since Dean will be at work, I'll have to drag my lazy rump off the couch to walk the kids to/from the church.

(But at least all the walking adds up to a 4 mile workout. Not great, but it's something.)

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