Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Sittah on Da Block!

Woohoo!! Seems my Little Bear's becoming quite the busy girl. She's going to start babysitting for a fellow Awana family, one day per week while their Mommy goes grocery shopping.

The Bustanoby family has 4 super-cuties, but Sierra will only be responsible for three (two of whom will be napping).

She's really excited about this. ;o)  Reese is one of her favorites, so this will be a treat to see her more often.

Add this to her DJ-ing schedule, home school lessons, taekwondo classes and Junior-leader-ing at Awana, then you've got a recipe for an active, hopefully-well-rounded, soon-to-be-teenager. :o)

But not "too" active, of course. (Ahem)

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