Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sing Polly Wolly Doodle All Day!

That's the song I have running through my head right now. :o) Does anyone else know this song? I seem to recall Shirley Temple singing it in one of her movies.


As you can probably tell, I'm feeling a whole lot better. My cold is virtually non-existant (hooray!), and I've been busy playing catch-up with all the housework and school lessons.

Yesterday, Dean and I borrowed my Mom's rug shampooer and scrubbed our living room carpet. I still need to get the computer room and bedrooms done as well, but that'll have to wait 'til Dean's home to help.

Apparently, I'm too dumb to figure out how to hook everything together right, and thus the water doesn't suck back up like it should, leaving me with hot, wet carpeting. It works fine for Dean; but not me.

Humph. Fine. Whatever.

We went to Fred Meyer last night and got a few groceries. I was so pleased to have found a HUGE package of hot dog buns (16 count) for a mere 0.99! I snatched those babies up, took 'em home, and separated the buns into freezer bags. Ha! I won't have to buy buns for awhile at least. :-]

I just wish I could say the same for the kids' hot dogs. Seems those Hebrew Nationals rarely go below $4. Bummer. I'll have to do some more scouring for coupons, I guess! (Hee hee)

They also had Silk Soymilk for $2.99 (vs. $3.89 and up at other stores), and I had a 0.55 off coupon from Sunday's newspaper. Score again! :-]

Only bummer of the shopping trip, was when I got home and realized I'd had a coupon on the counter (not yet cut out) for 0.75 off Dean's Nestle` Quik Powder. (Arghhh!) Man, that irritated me. :-{

Moving on. I picked up 2 great books from the library last night. One, "The Twinkie Cookbook" and "Homeschooling the Challenging Child". (And for the sake of anonymity, I shall refrain from posting which of my darling children is the "challenge".)

Now, The Twinkie Cookbook looks like it'll be lots of fun. Granted, I can't stomach Twinkies as a general rule. But I like to make things fun for the children. And what's more fun than oodles of recipes with Twinkies as the main ingredient?! (Except perhaps chocolate. Which, by the way, there's plenty of in this book as well.)

You know, I think the only time I actually ate Twinkies was when I was pregnant with Ethan. Which brings me to the next bit of news. :o)

We're gearing up for Lisa-marie's baby shower in 1.5 weeks! Her wee baby girl is due next month. (I...can't....WAIT!!!)

Every lady from our congregation is invited, and it promises to be a wonderful event. Lisa-marie and her family, as well as our friend, Vallye and myself, are putting everything together. From silly games (like guessing the circumference of Lisa's tummy--which is teeny tiny by the way!) and prizes, to yummy food, gabbing women, and gifts for the baby, it's going to be a blast. A more loved or welcomed baby, there never before was. :-]

And no, I will not be making any sort of Twinkie anything. I'm sticking to cupcakes with pink sprinkles. Per Lisa's request, of course.

Well that's enough blathering for one day. I've got laundry to finish up and lessons to tend to.

Oh, and Abby's got ballet class tonight. Hooray! I love watching her dance. It's so much fun. :-]

"....Fare thee well, fare thee well

Fare thee well my fairy fay

For I'm goin' to Louisiana for to see my Susi-anna

Sing Polly Wolly Doodle all the day!..."

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