Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Not Catchy, But This Was All I Could Come Up With for a Title

We've got our handy-dandy maintenance dude coming over sometime today to fix the toilet. Hopefully, it'll be a quick and easy fix. (Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!)

But then, there's nothing quite like pouring pitcher-after-pitcher of water into the tank so you can flush. (Hmmm...I'm sure there's a homeschool lesson in there somewhere.)

Oh, wait! I know!

We could do the Tootsie Pop Experiment!

Instead of asking, "How many licks does it take?", we could see, "How many pitchers does it take"! Woohoo!

I suddenly have a craving for a cherry Tootsie Pop.

In other news and happenings, today's ballet day. Amanda and Julianah will be coming by after Julianah's cyber school class lets out, then we'll head to ballet shortly after that.

You know, I'm so glad Abby's got Julianah for a best friend. I mean, if you KNEW this girl, you'd understand. She's a beautiful-dolly-sweetheart-love bunny. Both inside and out. Just like her Momma! (Oh, yes you are, Amanda! Hee hee!....Ok, maybe not a love bunny. But you are a beautiful-dolly-sweetheart.) ;-]

And because they're coming over--and I'll have my toilet torn apart which will probably mean the water will be shut off--it is imperative that I get 99.9% of the house cleaning done before they arrive.

So, in order to get started, I shall sign off for now.

Hey...!! The kids are still sleeping!? At 8:45am?!

I don't THINK so!

Wakey wakey, guys! Heeeeeere's Mommy!

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