Friday, September 19, 2008

What Goes Around, Comes Around to Bite You in the Rear

My daughter, Sierra (12) is the Queen of Instigation and Sibling Torture.

I don't know what it is about that girl, aside from being the oldest, but she takes the utmost delight in ticking off her siblings. Especially her brother, Ethan (9).

But that's not to say that Abby's in the clear. Oh, contraire!

About 94.9% of the time, Sierra shows complete love and adoration for sister, Abby (8). Which is fabulous, right?

However, it's during the other whateverpercentageisleft, that she fires her sister up by doing something ridiculous (like looking at her).

This throws Abby into banshee mode, where she lets loose with a wild, screaming, howling "StoOP!" (complete with voice fluctuation), that would make the hair on the back of any dog's neck stand straight up. Living or dead. And has, in the past, made the house shake like those along the San Andreas.

But again, nearly all of her torturous acts are aimed at her brother.

Now, I have few theories as to why that is.

1. They're opposite genders.

2. His birth catapulted her out of the coveted "Only Child" throne, just a month shy of a successful 3 year reign. (Funny side note: Ethan's middle name is James. "James" means "one who supplants". Oops.)

3. They're both technically "first borns" (if you're into the whole birth order thing), since Sierra's mine from a previous relationship, and Ethan is Dean's first born. And all first borns like to be in charge. (Trust me, I know. I speak from experience.)

4. She's like her father, and Ethan's like Dean. Bobby loved to rile people up. In fact, he thought it was great fun. :-) And I can enjoy such activities, too. An eensy, weensy bit. A trifling amount, really. Hardly noticable.

Dean...well, he's more of a lover than a fighter. Until you tick him off. Then you should move. And apologize. Quickly.

And so it is between Sierra and Ethan. She starts it, he tries to ignore it. She continues until he physically retaliates. She trumps whatever he did to her, because she's bigger and stronger. He cries. She gets busted. He gets busted for hitting a girl, even if she did start it but she insists HE started it. Etc, etc, blah, blah.

Story of my life, folks.

My mother says that I'm getting what's rightfully due me.

Humph. Whatever.

I have a very different recollection of my childhood, thankyouverymuch.

I was, in no way/shape/form this horrid.

Just ask my sister. She'll tell ya! I was a wonderful big sister. Right, Desi?

(Desi--if you don't back me up, I will tell the world you used to pick your nose. And sucked your thumb. And used a blankie. Oh wait...OOPS!)


Anonymous said...

6.1%, Mom.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure you were the PERFECT sister! Never a harsh word, or a raised voice. You were the true Mother Terrorista!

Anonymous said...

I so relate to this whole thing. Nathan starts it, Alex continues (she doesn't ignore like Ethan though), Alex screams, Nathan bothers, yada yada.

I'm tired of it.


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