Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Woes of Vacation

  • Getting bitten by something that was infused with nuclear waste. The kids all woke up Saturday morning complaining of foot and hand pains. We were shocked to find HUGE welts on them all. They could barely walk, let alone grab a utensil to eat breakfast with. It was awful! And of course, nothing over the counter helped much.

  • Coming to the horrible realization that you're highly allergic to the case-and-a-half of chlorine the pool guy added to the water. Results of allergy? TONS of little red, rashy bumps everywhere the water touched you. But does that keep you out of the pool? Oh noooo.

  • Mom forgets--like an absolute DOORKNOB--to slather you in sunscreen. Yeah. You can figure out the results of that faux pas yourselves, I'm sure. (Sigh) Sierra's is pretty much a tan by now (only takes her a day), but the other two are lobsters. Especially Ethan.

  • Ethan was having a blast on a boogey board in the pool. But then, he lost his grip and the results of that were rather frightening. (Gulp!) However, praise the LORD--Dean was right there swimming, and rescued his flailing son in a flash. However, Ethan was completely frightened, and totally DONE with the pool for the rest of the day. My poor baby was so scared and crying....I felt soooo bad for him!

  • Abby wakes up at 11pm two nights ago, crying and complaining of ear pain. I was up with her several times, all night long. I prayed for her repeatedly, and gave her children's Tylenol. She greeted me all bright 'n cheerful at 7am the next morning. "How's your ear, Abs?" I asked groggily, barely able to stand on my own two feet. "Fine!" she chirped, grinning sweetly. (Fine. I'm going back to bed.)
As my sister said to me today, whenever I bring up going to San Diego in the future, the children will scream and run away.

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