Monday, October 6, 2008


We did pretty well with our school work today. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, as evidenced by the way they all kept giggling.

Anyway, here's what we did.

For our Bible lesson, I simply had them narrate the order of events in Joseph's life, and discussed different aspects of such.

Spelling consisted of learning the "i before e except after c" rule. (This was for Ethan and Abby. Sierra obviously, already knows this.) There were technically 21 words on their list, but I cut those in half.

(Wanna know what's really cool? Since the rule rhymes, Ethan totally got it. It's amazing the power a "sing-song" holds. I mean, the boy hates spelling, writing and reading. But he was getting it and enjoying it. Woo hoo!)

Ok, so ummm...moving on. ;o)

Our vocabulary lesson consisted of words associated with deserts (semi-arid, arid, hyper-arid), as well as the words fauna, flora, biome, biota, climate and weather. I had the children write each word and definition in their notebooks, and did a little oral quiz as we went along.

We began geography by coloring a map of Ancient Egypt and labeling it. Then we learned about hemispheres, the Equator and Prime Meridian, and latitude and longitude. We'll go over these more each day, as we just touched on them briefly. (And because the younger two were starting to lose focus by then. At some point every day, everything just becomes super-duper-funny to them.)

And finally for math, I simply handed each child their respective Multiplication Charts, and had them answer problems individually. Then once they were sufficiently warmed up, we ran through the tables as a race. (Make it a game and everyone's happy.)

After lunch, Ethan kept saying "! Plants and animals in a certain biome is a....biiii---Ohhh---tahhhhh..." in this weird, low, creepy voice. I figured if I ignored it, it'd go away.

Oh, contraire.

He then decided to shout, "BIOTA!!" every few minutes. Like he had Tourette Syndrome or something.

Made the hair on the back of my neck stick straight up. Shhooom! :-o

But hey, at least he remembered. I guess that's all that counts. :o}

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