Monday, October 27, 2008


That pretty much sums up how I feel today. Blah.

I woke up this morning fighting waves of nausea off. Never fun. I told myself it was simply because I was hungry...or too fat...or the new vitamins I'm taking, etc. And that it had absolutely *nothing* to do with the fact that I spend time on Shabbat with the beloved Calderon family, of whom Julianah was sick with some sort of flu bug.


Nope. Nothing to do with that. Besides, she was doing a lot better by then. And with the way Amanda and Lisa-marie clean and disinfect everything all the time (even when there isn't a bug going around!), there's no way I'd catch it.

(That's my story, folks and I'm stickin' to it.)

So, in the meantime I'm telling myself that I'm fine to go into work today. Sure, nausea whispers in one ear every few minutes, but the lack of money screams in the other.

Besides that, I have to walk Sierra to the bus stop anyway to meet up with Vallye. She's helping her sew a costume for the horrid holiday coming up. A holiday that I don't care to have my children participate in, but Dean sees only joy in it. Therefore, costumes are being made and purchased in anticipation of said event.

I hope they get a free toothbrush with their mountain of candy.

Yesterday was a sad day. It was the very last Awana club meeting over at Grace Fellowship. We've been participating in Awana there for...gee...5 or 6 years I think?

Anyway, due to many variables, it was decided to pull the plug on Awana. I understand the reasons for it, but as my friend, Rachel said, "I don't have to like it". I know the majority of the leaders wanted to keep going, and it was touching to see their devotion toward the program and the kids.

I had my kids make homemade Thank You cards for all the leaders, and I wrote a little note inside for each of them. (I actually made Dale, the T&T leader cry. Oops! Sorry, Dale!) It felt so weird saying goodbye to all the friends that had become an extension of our own church family. Some of the kids were in my class back when I worked in Cubbies. The thought of not seeing them every Sunday--watching them grow and change--made me feel all choked up. :o(  

But as hard as it is, I know that the Lord has a plan for all of us and our children.

I'd like to start looking into other Awana programs in the area to see what's available. However, Dean has expressed some apprehension about this, as he said walking into a different church and leaving our kids with them would feel *really* weird. Like I said, we've been with Grace for a good 5+ years, and knew everybody there. Even when I stopped working in Cubbies, I had no problem leaving my children in the other leader's capable hands. It'll be different at another church; he's absolutely right.

And we may not pursue Awana. We'll have to pray and discuss it with the children, and see what happens.

Well, I've managed to keep my toast down. That's a plus for the day.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to roust my children out of the comfort of their warm beds. :o)

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