Sunday, October 19, 2008

Eats 'n Treats

Yesterday, we decided to live a little and went out to lunch with Lisa-marie, Elijah and Tina over at IHOP.

It's been years since we'd been to IHOP (mostly because we're broke and I don't particularly care to wait to be seated and IHOP's always busy), and since we had a pregnant lady with us, catering to her cravings was paramount to our success. We were all torn between La Palmera, Claim Jumper or IHOP. Pancakes won over all, because they're cheaper, and don't give said Pregnant Lady acid reflux.

But anyhoo. Back to my story.

We're all trying to decide what to order, when the waitress mentions the pumpkin pancakes.

HELLOOOOOO, Sweetheart!

I just HAD to order a plate of those delightful Pumpkin Pancakes (partially because I've never had them, but mostly so I could gloat to Amanda when she returns from Oklahoma this week...heehee!), and proceeded to eat all but maybe 4 bites.

I am such a pig!

I rarely eat pancakes, and I never eat 4 at a time. But man, those babies were scrumptious! Hee hee!


So, needless to say, I'm being very careful about what I eat for the rest of the week and plan to avoid IHOP for at least 6 months.

What I found especially interesting about our dining experience, was how Lisa-marie ordered the "All You Can Eat" pancakes, and then ate maybe half of the stack of 3 on her plate.

That means I ate more than a pregnant lady, folks. And that really says something, dontcha think?! (Then again, if you saw Lisa's belly, you'd think she was only 6 mos along instead of 9. She's absolutely tiny, it makes me sick. I was a freakin' heifer with all 3 of my pregnancies. And here she is saying, "Oh gosh...I'm so huge!" Whatever, Girlie!)

What were we talking about again???

(Aw, man! I just noticed a stain of some sort on my sleeve. So much for trying to look cute today. Sigh.)

Oh hey, guess what? I finally got an iPod! And not only that, but I got it for free!! Wooo hoooo!!! How's that for a nice treat? My hubby picked it up for me the other day, as he and a friend of ours from church are helping clean out a elderly lady's home (also from the church).  She doesn't want it anymore so...there ya go! Instant iPod for moi`! Which officially makes me one of the Cool and Elite. ;o)

(Now, you'd think after all the whining I did for so many years about how I don't have an iPod, I'd be wildly uploading music right 'n left, and taking it with me everywhere including the bathroom. But no. I've only touched it once. And that was to figure out how to turn it off 'n on. I guess it was more about the thrill of the hunt, rather than actually catching an iPod. Ahem....! Yes siree, I'm that spoiled.)

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