Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ever Get a Feeling Like Something BIG Is About to Happen?

That's how I feel tonight. Like there's a significant something on the horizon. In a good way, though. Then again, maybe I'm just keyed up/excited after hanging up with Lisa-marie.

She's due to deliver baby Ahviana in less than 3 weeks, but she feels like it's going to be sooner. (And Mommies have a keen intuition, as we all know.)

So, with that pressing matter in both of our minds, we decided to have Israel, the World's Cutest Yorkie, move in with us tomorrow instead of Saturday. This arrangement provides two things:

1)  Significant joy and entertainment for our family

2)  And keeps Lisa-marie warm and indoors where she belongs, instead of having to take Israel out for his 2 daily walks. Plus, both she and her son, Elijah have horrible, wicked-nasty colds. So, the more rest she can get now, the better!

As much as I'm praying that the baby isn't born before Amanda and the rest of the family returns from Oklahoma, I am very excited to meet this beautiful baby girl. :o)  Bursting, in fact! But, it would be for the best if she stays inside for the full 20 days until her due date.

Things are about to get crazy around here....I can feel it!

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