Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lovin' the Office

Today was really great. The younger two monkeys accompanied me to the office today, and helped me get a bunch of leo's all tagged up, an' purdy like. ;o)

I know it's only been two days, but I'm really enjoying my new job. (Thanks again, Lisa-marie! I sooooo owe you, big time!) It's so quiet and peaceful there. I just turn on the computer, put on the Christian radio station, and chug along.

Granted, things will get busier very soon, but I know I'll enjoy myself then, too. I'm eager to learn as much as I possibly can, while keeping myself open to whatever the Lord will do through this opportunity. Even if it doesn't last longer than a few months, I feel very blessed by this whole thing.

I mean, really. How many jobs out there let you actually bring your children with you each day to work? (Besides your own home/family business.) To be able to earn money, while keeping my children by my side and homeschooling them, is a tremendous gift.

Also, what could be better than being surrounded by all things ballet? Not much in my book.

Now, if I could just develop a solid routine for us, I'll have it made. I'm still struggling with getting school work done in the middle of it. But, with the Lord's help, we'll fall into a perfect rhythm in no time. :o)

(Ha ha ha...ballet...rhythm...get it? Ha ha ha! Oh man, I crack myself up!)

(Ahem. Sorry.)

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Rachel said...

Denise, I can hear the excitement in your posts. I am so happy for you! What fun!


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