Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Good News

Although it's still in the early stages, I'm finally comfortable sharing my good news with all of you.

My former ballet teacher (and Abby's current teacher), Judith Ross, has asked if I'd like to train to teach pre-ballet!

(!!! Can you believe it?! Because I'm still in shock over it. And trying hard not to jump like a bunny all over the house! ;o) )

As anyone who's known me longer than a month knows, ballet is one of my passions and something I've always regretted quitting at the age of 18. However, my reasons for quitting were worthy. Simply put, I wanted to be married and have children. (That's rather hard to do when the doctors tell you you're too thin to even ovulate.)

Well, now I have my beautiful family, and it is with a great sense of awe and incredulity that I'm even writing about this amazing opportunity.

I've always kept the idea of teaching children's ballet in the back of my mind. Never really voicing it, or even dreaming that it would one day be possible to do. I mean really...I haven't danced for *years*!

My husband and a few good friends over the years have said, "You should be teaching" or "You should be the one up there dancing." Both sentiments I heartily dismissed as just being nice.

So, when Judith brought the subject up---out of the clear blue--with no idea how I felt--I suddenly felt this wave of peace wash over me. Peace that only comes from God, who seemed to say, "It's time for you to dance again."


Well. Back to the details!

The school currently does not have enough children to conduct a pre-ballet class, so prayers for increased enrollment are greatly appreciated.

However, this actually works out to my advantage, because in order for me to set a good example for my little students, I must first get my body back into dancing shape.

While I've tried to keep myself "relatively" in shape, aerobics and weight training do very little to promote the long, lean dancer's body I once had.


So, while our little class slowly comes together (perhaps not even starting until January), it's my job to get my muscles elongated, work on my turn-out, and get my hip alignment down pat. These are aspects that will also be addressed in the necessary classes I'll have to take soon, too. a leo and tights. Taking class. With a bunch of teenagers and 20-somethings who've never birthed one child, much less three. Nor are they middle aged. With fat globules.

I'm just sayin'.

The training itself will take several months. To start, I'll be shadowing Judith and taking plenty of notes.

Basically, I'll have to learn what is expected of children's bodies at that age (not that I don't know as a Mom, but still), and how to foster a love for dance, while keeping the students focused and the class fun.

And in time, I may be choreographing a recital for adorable 4 year olds in sparkly pink tutus! :o)

Please pray for me as I embark on this next phase in my life. Pray also for enough little girls to make a proper class, and for my body to respond favorably to the torture I'm about to put it through. :o)

Oh, and one last thing......



Rachel said...

That is so exciting! I'm happy for you!

Venti Iced No Water Americano said...

This is wonderful news..what a dream come true. You will be an amazing teacher

Pink Slippers said...

WOO HOO!! I am so thrilled for you! What an incredible dream come true, you are a woman truly blessed from above!


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