Friday, October 10, 2008

My Monkeys

I'm going to take a moment and totally gush about my monkeys three.

Just this past Wednesday at taekwondo, Sierra's instructor, Mr. Lee, pulled me aside and said, "She is incredible. Absolutely incredible. I can't believe how fast she's advancing." He went on to tell me how she's ready for this month's belt test, and how he very rarely sees this level of "giftedness", as he put it.

Not to sound like a total snot, but this is the kind of thing we hear all the time about her.

Anything she lays her hand to--whether it be academic or athletic (especially athletic!), she excels.
She's a great Dj, a wonderful reader, speller, and writer. She's a talented artist, able to look at a picture and draw it perfectly. In addition, Sierra has a deeply loving, nurturing heart which she bestows upon babies, toddlers, and her sister.

Abby, on the other hand, is a lovely dancer. While she hasn't been dancing very long, her talent in this area is readily apparent. She's been blessed with all the physical assets a dancer needs--long limbs and neck, and feet with a high arch and instep. She has strong musicality, and is always on the music.

She writes the funniest stories, and they're very detailed in their dialogue. She also writes songs and prayers when she's feeling sad.

Abby also "dearly loves to laugh", and make others laugh with her. Indeed, you can't help but laugh when you're around her.

She's a wonderful reader and speller like her sister, and is able to quickly memorize things: from facts and Bible verses, to dance steps. She also has a soft, nuturing heart when it comes to animals, especially dogs.

Ethan, my one and only son, is a compassionate soul (which makes sense when you think about how easily I'd cry over things when I was pregnant with him). He feels things so deeply, that at times is moved to tears while watching a movie, or hearing about someone's pain. He loves babies, young children and animals, and is very patient with them.

He loves the Lord, and has a strong desire to not only please Him, but the adults in his life (especially his parents and grandparents).

Ethan has a strong sense of justice, is deeply loyal, and he's not afraid to speak his mind or stand up for what he believes in, even if no one else agrees.

He also loves to draw, and like Sierra, can look at something and draw it perfectly (especially Grateful Dead album artwork. Thanks, Dean.) He likes to sing, build with Legos, and help Dean or his grandpa do "man work".

Math is clearly his best subject, and he impresses me with his ability to figure quickly in his head. He also wants to know how everything works, and always has a question ready.

I wonder where the Lord will take them in life? How can these skills, which He's graced them with, be used for His glory?

Do you ever stop to wonder about that with your children? What path will the Lord take them on? How can all these gifts and abilities be used to bring delight, honor and praise to the One who gave them to him/her? What is their purpose?

While I often pray that the Lord would show me how to nurture and develop their skills, I admit that I don't pray for that wisdom often enough.

Help me, Lord to remember that this all part of my purpose, too. To teach them according to Your will for their lives. Give me a new understanding of their gifts, and even their weaknesses.

Provide them each with opportunities to grow, strengthen and sharpen these talents. Give them also plenty of opportunities to challenge their weaknesses, so that they will not be hindered by them in the future.

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Rachel said...

What a great tribute to your kids. I will have to be a copy cat and do a post for my kids soon. I have the same questions and concerns for my kids.


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