Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Several Reviews Coming Your Way Soon

Thanks to my outstanding, ultra-spectacular membership in the TOS Crew (see sidebar), I've been showered with all sorts of cool products and curriculum to review for you--my wonderful readers and fellow Mommies.

This week, I'll post my reviews of the websites and Homeschool Library Builder.

Then in the coming weeks, I'll be posting reviews for:
  • KinderBach
  • Knowledge Quest's ABC's of Homeschooling e-course
  • All About Spelling
  • Spears Christian Art Studio
  • One2Believe's Nativity Playset
  • A novel from Media Angels

Most of these products are stacked up on my kitchen counter right now, just waiting to show to my hubby when he gets home. ;o) Man, it's like Mother's Day all over again! Woohoooo, presents!!

We did start on the All About Spelling this afternoon, as well as opened and dinked about with the Nativity set. (They both came in today.)

The children weren't too keen on the spelling program (because's school!), but Ethan and Abby got a real kick out of the Nativity set. Seems nothing is more fun than learning about deserts and camels (with our current curriculum), and then having the toy camel "spit" everywhere. Including in front of the Wise Men.


Yes folks, them 'err my-y-y chiltlins. You can dress 'em up, but ya can't take umm eenywhere!

So, with that said, please be on the lookout for my upcoming reviews. I can't guarantee I'll love everything, but I CAN guarantee you won't get camel spit on you. ;o)

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