Thursday, October 23, 2008

So Excited!

I just learned that my friend, Lisa-marie is in labor and on her way to the hospital! Woohooo!!!

We've all placed bets as to when the Big Day would be. Dean chose Sunday, Lisa-marie's mom chose Shabbat, Lisa's husband chose Monday (I think?). And me? Well, I was torn between Thursday and Friday. But Dean said I *had to choose just one day* so, I debated and finally said Friday.


I could very well lose my bet. (Sigh)

But then again...'tis only the "plug" that came out, and contractions are 20 mins apart for hard ones, then smaller ones in-between. So I may very well end up being RIGHT! :o)

And no, we don't win anything except a lifetime of bragging rights. Which to me, is worth so much more than cash. :o)

Woooohooooo, I'm so excited! Someone hurry up 'n call me with an update, I'm dyin'!!!!


I'm pleased to announce that Princess Ahviana Elise was born shortly before 9pm PST. Praise the LORD!!! A beautiful, healthy, baby girl with a head full of hair!

Birth details are still coming. I shall post them here when I receive them.

Congratulations, Lisa-marie and Anvar. May the Lord shower blessings upon your beautiful baby girl now and always.

I love you guys!

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Anonymous said...

Her husband bet on Tuesday. (I'm the one that bet on Monday)


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