Friday, October 17, 2008

"Why me, Lord?" "Why not you?"---Love, God

So there I was, having a pretty decent Friday, when I decided to check my bank account online. Not only has my rent check NOT cleared yet, but I found a fraudulent "pending" debit transaction for "French Nail".

I do not get my nails done, nor does anyone else in our household.

I immediately called the bank, and after going round 'n round with their royal pain in the rear automated system, I was finally able to speak to an actual human being.

Turns out, they can't do anything with a pending charge. I have to wait until it clears. (Just ducky) Granted, it's not a huge charge, but the fact that it's pending--and this person has access to our account to use at their leisure--freaks me out. What other charges are going to pop up in the meantime, ya know?

So, I cancelled my card in order to figure out which card--mine or hubby's--was violated.

Ain't that great? What a way to start the weekend.

Now I'm holding off on paying bills, unless our entire account gets drained before the checks clear. (An exaggeration? I think not!)

I've got a house to clean, lessons to plan (both Shabbat school and home school), and I have to coordinate my hours at the office next week. I need to get in as many as possible due to Ethan's birthday (the big 1-0!!) comin' up.

Oh, and Dean will be at some Boeing class downtown all next week, and while the cost of the class is to be paid by his company, gas and parking expenses are on us.

Of course they are! Why wouldn't they be, right? (Insert psychotic laughter and head banging here)

If I've said it before, I'll say it again...."It's always something!"

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