Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Book Review: "The Missing Link: FOUND!"

Like most parents, I find it increasingly difficult to obtain quality reading material for my oldest child. Everything geared toward her age group (pre-teen) is filled with mindless drivel, excessive boyfriend/girlfriend drama, and a host of characters that lack respect for anyone other than themselves.

So, when I received a copy of Book One in the Truth Seekers Mystery Series from Media Angels titled, "The Missing Link: FOUND", I eagerly shared the novel with my young bookworm.

This intriguing, fast-paced story centers on Anne and Christian Murphy, a pair of homeschooled teens and their father, Dr. Murphy. A former anthropologist and current photographer, Dr. Murphy's profession has allowed his children's sense of adventure to bloom, while his faith has taught them to view the scientific world through the lens of Scripture.

The story begins with the Murphy's enjoying a quiet family vacation in the Florida Keys. A peaceful outing on the water suddenly takes a frightening turn, when the Murphy family is suddenly caught in the middle of a dangerous FBI investigation.

The danger continues when Dr. Murphy receives a strange note from his brother, requesting that he join him as soon as possible at an anthropological dig. Curious to learn what their Uncle has discovered, the teens accompany their father to the site.

When the Murphy's arrive at the excavation, they are stunned. It seems Uncle Mike has uncovered a fossilized man, and preliminary carbon dating estimates him to be millions of years old. If that's true, it can only mean one thing; the famed "Missing Link" has been found!

Despite the overwhelming "evidence", Christian and Anna aren't convinced. What about the Bible? What about Creation? But if this truly is the Missing Link, it will have powerful ramifications both within the Scientific and Christian communities.

Armed only with faith and prayer, the siblings begin an investigation of their own, determined to learn the truth.

This book is quick, enjoyable read. Co-authors, Felice Gerwitz and her homeschooled daughter, Christina(who was 12 years old when she began writing the series), stated that their goals in writing the series was to encourage reluctant readers, while teaching Creation Science in a fun and engaging way.

My daughter who is an avid reader, said the book was "good" and "fast-paced", but felt the ending was too abrupt. Everything is neatly tied up in the end, but no additional details are provided; similar to a fairy tale. ("The lived happily ever after. The End.") While a different ending may be called for, I felt that it fit within the parameters of the story.

Overall, I recommend The Truth Seekers Series for older boys and girls (age 11+), who either don't enjoy reading or crave more action/adventure reading material. And while the books are geared toward Christian homeschoolers, I feel they would be interesting to non-Christian kids as well.

Media Angels offers this book for $8.99, or the complete 3-book series for $22.00.

In addition to The Truth Seekers Mystery Series, Media Angels.com offers a wide variety of resources to help you teach Creation at home. Items such as DVD's, books, study guides, an online Creation Science Class, to a "Creation Camp in a Box" to use for small groups, you're sure to find the perfect addition to your homeschool curriculum.

I give Media Angels and "The Missing Link: FOUND" 1.5 thumbs up. :o)

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