Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ethan!

This is one of his "smaller" baby pictures. He was 20 lbs by the time he was 3.5 months old.
For at least a year, this is was how he'd go to sleep at night.
We'd put him to sleep but he'd always crawl out of bed, dragging his things with him--a cup of water, book, blankie, pillow--and crash at the edge of the hallway.
He would stay there until we went to bed a few hours later.
Then like clockwork, he'd creep up into our bed in the middle of the night.
He did not like sleeping without us.
"Bob the Builder! Can we fix it?" Man, he LOVED that show!
My "heavenly" 3 year old son.
With the cupcakes he made (with a little help from Mom) for his 4th birthday.
With big sister, Sierra up in a tree.
Six years old with 2nd cousin, Titan. He still adores Star Wars!
The Pirate Birthday--7 years old. "Yo ho, yo ho! A pirate's life for me!"
My beautiful son,
May the LORD bless you and keep you safe; physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally.
May you grow to love Him more with each passing day, and eagerly seek His face.
May your heart remain soft, and your spirit teachable.
May you be blessed in everything you do, both now and always.
May you always hold fast to your convictions, and never sway under pressure.
May you be a bold and dazzling light to your generation, leading thousands to the LORD.
I love you, Sunshine. Happy birthday...

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Rachel said...

Wonderful pictures. Nathan says "happy birthday". Yesterday he kept reminding us it was Ethan's bday today.


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