Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Information is Power!

My beloved almost-brother-in-law, Anthony (mentioned in the previous post) is such a great guy.

He's a hard-working, harder-playing, blue collar guy. He loves hunting, target shooting, playing pool, drinkin' beer, skinning animals...All the fine, gentlemanly qualities that make any girl's heart go pitter-patter (except mine).

But the absolute best part about him is that when it comes to yours truly---

He's deliciously naive. :-]

Allow me to explain.

He casually mentioned the other day that he couldn't figure out how to change the background of his MySpace profile.

I tried to explain it to him over the phone as best I could (quite a simple process, really), but alas. It was no use. He just couldn't wrap his redneck mind around it. (Poor thing.)

It was at that moment that my wicked plan was set in motion, and he didn't even notice.

"Well maybe I'll just give you my log-in information and you can change it for me?" he suggested.

Pausing for dramatic effect: "Gee, sweetie...I don't know..." Twisting a lock of hair, stifling a giggle.

"Aw, c'mon? Pleeease? I can't figure that stuff out, you know I can't. I'd rather have you do it instead."

Sighing in resignation: "Well...ok. If you're absolutely sure." A fiendish grin now forming across my face..

"Thanks, hon! I appreciate it...wait. Why do I get the feeling like I'm going to regret this?"

*Gasp* "Anthony, I'm shocked!"

"Oh, I'm just kiddin'. Just promise me it won't be pink, ok?"

"Ok, I promise. No pink! Talk to you later...bye!" :o)

Did I mention I love this guy?


Taking my task seriously, I immediately got to work. Careful to keep my "no pink" promise, I changed Anthony's background to one that I feel better suited him. As a person.

This new background not only reflects his profound love of nature, but captures the inner peace and tranquility that flows through him like a gentle stream.

I'm pleased to say that my psuedo-brother can hold his head high, now that his MySpace page boldly tells the world just what kind of guy he truly is, way (way) deep down.............

I hope you like yellow rubber duckies, sweetie. :o) Mmmooowaaaa--hahahahahaaaa!!!!


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