Friday, November 21, 2008

My Thoughts Exactly!

I was so impressed by this post from Dr. Laura that I had to share it with ya'll.

(I'll wait while you read it...)

I honestly couldn't have put it better myself. I know that if I were to put my son into "regular school" (as my children call it), I'd be asked to put him on Ritalin or Adderol. My boy can't focus on anything but Math, has a hard time reading, writing and spelling, and wiggles about so much that he's constantly falling out of his chair.

All these characteristics would be a problem for any classroom teacher (heck, they're a problem for me too sometimes!), but that doesn't make him--or his traits--bad or wrong. He's just your typical boy, who has the attention span of a moth when it comes to things outside his general area of interest.

However...make the lesson a game, allow movement, or incorporate it into some sort of hands-on, real-world activity, and both teacher and student will be fine.

To do otherwise is an utter waste of time.

Rock on, Dr. Laura. Thanks for the post!

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