Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Weird Day

I've had one of those "ooooweeeeeooooo" type days.

This morning after Dean left for work (around 6:30am), I was slowly waking up whilst listening to my iPod. Then for some reason, I suddenly thought about Anthony, Sierra's paternal Uncle.

Then at 10am, Anthony called.

Weird Moment #1.

We had a nice 10 minute conversation, then I had to leave for work. (Granted, this isn't the first time I've done this w/ Anthony. In fact, it's kinda like our "thing". I think of him, he calls. Guaranteed.)

So then later, on the way to the bus stop, Abby and I are walking through the Albertson's parking lot when the sing-song, "Michellina mia bambina" suddenly pops into my head.

I'm then flooded with memories from the time when I was 17, as used to babysit for two kids, Michelle and Matthew.

They were half Italian, and their mother would always sing those words to Michelle; "Michellina mia bambina". (This is where I got Rachel's nickname from. Same tune. Same blonde hair. It fit.--Grins)

Casually thinking to myself, "Hmm. That's interesting. Hadn't thought of them in a long time," I continued on my merry way.

At work, I was packing and shipping several orders when I noticed one box in particular.

It was addressed to a lady in Ridgecrest, CA.

A lady whom I met through Anthony and the rest of the Klaus family.

Weird moment #2.

So then...(here comes Weird Moment #3)

On the way home, Abby and I had to stop inside Albertsons to return a movie. Just as I'm walking in, a lady rushes in ahead of me.

"Hmm..." I thought. She looks strikingly familiar.

She stopped and looked at me too, but neither of us said anything. Interesting.

I pushed it out of my head, and continued about my business.

Then while walking back home, the sing-song popped back inside my head;

"Michellina mia bambina...

"Michellina mia bambina...".

The Albertson's Lady's face flashed through my mind, and I can see her dancing with a blonde baby girl in a big house...

"Michellina mia bambina...Matthew, come dance with me and your sister, love!"

"Michellina, mia bambina...."

Suddenly it struck me like a thunderbolt.

That was Michelle and Matthew's MOTHER in Albertsons!!!


See what I mean? (Now if only I could "see" the Lottery numbers! Ha!)

This has been one weird, weird day.....

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